Brownie Pops with Nostalgia Cake Pop maker

Christmas before last (aka Christmas 2011) I was gifted this:

Nostalgia Electrics Cake Pop maker.

It was a very thoughtful gift from one of my siblings, who knew I often made cakepops.
This sibling however, does not read this blog. In fact, I'm pretty sure they don't even know it exists.

Their loss.

I used this contraption once in an attempt to make donut holes, that next New Years.
Unfortunately, the recipe was no bueno-and they were not yummy.
Than, the device moved back into the back of my closet, where my unique kitchen devices are stored for special times. Every now and then, I would see it while cleaning and such and tell myself to make something with it. I would dream up all sorts of things to make in it before it was once again forgotten about.

Valentines Day.
recovering Bronchitis/too lazy to make actual cake pops
a group of three year olds who need a valentine from their favorite (and only) sunday school teacher.

Brownie Pops!

So I whipped up my favorite Brownie recipe, and heated up the pop skillet.

I cooked all the batter into little balls, and let them cool.

 Next, I melted some chocolate coating and pulled out some Valentine colored paper straws. 
(blessmymeltingheart! jumbo paper straws!)

Dip the straw in a little chocolate, and insert in Brownie.
Let harden for a sec, than dip entire ball into chocolate.
Shake it around a bit to coat evenly.

 To make them more holiday inspired, I sprinkled them with some hearts and sugar crystals in appropriate colors.

Let cool upright, until completely hard.

Thats all!
 Super easy.

Wrap up and give out to all your beautiful little Valentines! 

p.s. The balls are awfully large, which is why I paired them with jumbo sized paper straws.
In doing so, they looked like they would make great faux-microphones.
So if your planning some kind of musical inspired party you should make some, and decorate them as so. They work great. Ask Penny-She was graced with a spectacular kitchen-musical-performance.