A tale of a Christmas Eve past

Let me tell you all a little about Christmas.

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love everything about it.

I am rather depressed that it is now over, but am already looking forward to next year!

This year was rather a quiet one for us, while Christmas morning was deprived of any children-we did spend some quality time with the local ones on Christmas eve. {we did see them later on Christmas day as well}

This year for Christmas eve, we started a new tradition of an authentic Jerusalem dinner. The idea of this dinner was to bring us back to the reason for this holiday, and away from all the hustle and bustle that comes with it.

My sister Julie {her blog over here} really did all the work, and provided the cute kids.

Heres a few snaps from the evening:

Hummus, crackers and gluten free flat bread.

Quinoa Salad

Olives, grapes and feta cheese.

Stuffed cabbage {it was really good- I'll admit I was leery about it at first}

Dinner on the floor.

Lentil soup {This was my one contribution to the meal}

Everyone was in their festive garb, which mostly consisted of bathrobes and scarves on their heads.

A couple of shepards, and a bear?

That boy. and that blanket.
Linus anyone?

One really awesome wise man, who really didn't want his picture taken.

Some of the crew.

All in all, I think this dinner was a success. Next year, hopefully will be even better with a little more research and preparation.
Thanks Jul for hosting!

and maybe the rest of the fam will show up? Please?! I missed you all!

Tomorrow I'll show you a few more snaps inside my holiday weekend, but once again I was slacking at pulling out the camera so too much was missed!