12 Treats of Christmas: Cranberry Squares {#8}

Today I bring you a very festive treat.

Here she is, the Cranberry bar.
Nothing is more holiday festive than cranberries right?

Keeping with the tradition of the last seven treats, this bar is super easy to whip up.
{even though it tastes and looks much more complicated than it is}

In fact I made these really fast the other day in the late hours of the night.
While I was a watching the gazillionth Christmas movie this week.

I was watching Eloise at Christmas time actually, one of my favorite holiday movies to watch.
I remember long ago.. checking out the Eloise books from the elementary school library--and was very excited some ten years ago when the movies premiered on television.

But back to the cranberry bars..

They are soooo good. 
Better than the gluten filled ones I remember. I had to freeze them right away {after I took these pictures, and after I ate half a row} so that they would be safe from my chompers. They are still nestled there safely until this weekend, along with a couple dozen Chocolate Crinkles.

and drum roll please....

Heres the Recipe!


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