12 Treats of Christmas: Ginger Cookies {#9}

Christmas is almost here!!
Yip hip hurray!

I have for you, on this last thursday before Christmas, a ginger cookie.
This cookie caused me a lot of drama today.
I threw in my oven mitt, and swore off baking forever. 

You see, in addition to the wonderful goodies I've shared with you this past week, there have been several cookie failures.

For no apparent reason at all, my cookies where dying, wilting away in the oven.
These failures I {not so} quietly swept aside and moved onto a new recipe.
But this cookie, oh this cookie. 

First batch, which I chilled overnight, turned into one big puddle of mush in the oven.
My perfectly round little balls all pooled together in one big blob.
Second batch, I made a few adjustment. 
Blobbo monster again.

As I continued with the rest of the batter, each sheet of cookies withered away in the heat of the oven, despite my adjustments. They actually tasted amazing, but looked like a horrible wanna be pizookie.

I came to the conclusion that butter was the problem.
So I started over, with a new base recipe that called for shortening instead of butter.
Surely this would fix the problem.

I placed my cookie sheet in the oven, with fingers crossed they would be perfect.
But, alas they were not.
Surely adding a bit more flour would fix it.
Less cooking time? 

I gave up, I cursed and shouted at those stupid cookies, and swore of baking forever. {I already don't particularly enjoy baking, remember?}

I called over my mother, {I needed someone to share my misery, you see} and the brilliant lady she is, fixed my problem.
Apparently I was just making them too big.
Of coarse it was that simple.

So here is the recipe. It should work perfectly for you if you make them smaller.
If not, call your mother.