12 Treats of Christmas: Chocolate Crinkles {#7}

On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

4 dozen chocolate crinkles...falalala

Let me tell you about these cookies.

They are so stinkin' delicious.

The best chocolate crinkle in the history of the world!

I may not have tried all the crinkles in the world...but I have it on good authority that these are pretty much the best ever.

Crinkles are another family-to-neighbor christmas plate treat.

but Christmas is actually not what I remember them from.

When I think of chocolate crinkles, I think of Sunday afternoons and the Sound of Music. (the movie, not the literal hearing of music)

Why do I think of these things, you ask?

Well, because we used to make these on Sunday afternoons obviously. 

On Sundays, when we were bored and wanted a treat--this was our go to recipe. An easy cookie we could make all by ourselves. 
And Sound of Music?
We were only allowed to watch one movie. So naturally, we chose the longest movie we owned. (even though its technically on two vhs tapes)

So theres that.
and heres this.
The Recipe:


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