Happy Birthday Penny-La-Pee!

You know how people like to share five point three billion pictures of their kids? Well, be prepared for a zillion pictures of this birthday gal.

Eight years ago today, this little pup joined the family at eight weeks old.

She came to me during a tough time in my life, and a few weeks after the loss of our beloved labrador.

I named her Penny Sue.

the Pennster
Penny nickel
the pup

Despite her strong vocal abilities, she is a great little pup.

She loves her people, and sure lets them know it.

One time a couple years ago, while eating her dinner one of my nephews came over and started to play with her food. I realized how amazing she is, when she backed up, laid down and waited for him to finish playing with her food before she continued to eat.

Not many dogs would do that.

In fact, if she was any other dog, that kid probably would be a few fingers less.

When she was a pup, and was so full of energy I dreamed of the day when she would grow older and be calm and quiet. 

That day has yet to come.

Happy Birthday Penn. 

I sure do love you little pup. 
{even though you like to eat toilet paper}

Heres to eight more years!?