What My Iphone Says: Week in a Blink

the best steak sandwich evaa::new flavor of popchips {they taste like 7up. I was not a huge fan of them} ::oh ya know, the face I'm making ninety-nine point nine percent of the time:: so delicious coconut ice cream::my weekly farmers market muffin::a squash is growing!::a gift of lillies::the massive amount of leftovers from a catered event::new apple cinnamon chex. alright-the regular cinnamon flavor are better::that cute little pup!

**A special week in a blink addition**

I got a new nephew this week! 

Little Kash joined the fam making me a proud aunt of twelve.

Naturally, some gifts had to be given. Thats what aunts are for right?

a crocheted chevron blanket::crocheted monster hats::
and the stinkin' cutest shoes ever, on the planet. look at them little tails on the back. Cutie-patootie.

Have a great weekend peeps.

 Cook some stuff. Get a little crafty. Eat a cookie.

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