Pollo Alla Cacciatore

Did I ever tell you about how much I love Italy? 'Cause I do.

I love Italy.

I love everything Italian.

Now that you know about that, you'll understand why this cacciatore had to be named in Italian. 

We don't eat just chicken up in here, we eat pollo; it tastes much better when you say it that way.

This recipe comes from Pioneer Woman's Chicken Cacciatore {see, pollo alla sounds way tastier, huh?}
Mine however, appears way different than hers. I did make a few changes, but not anything significant, so I am not exactly sure why the difference. 

It was quite yummy though, even if it is not as vibrant as the original makers. 

Mine is way more rustic though, if I were a betting woman; I'd bet a chocolate macaron that if you walked into any Italian home, their cacciatore would look more like mine.

It'll be true, I'm sure.

I don't mess around with macarons.

Pollo Alla Cacciatore
 from Pioneer Woman Cooks {click for recipe}

 A few Changes I made:

-she says bones in, skin on-I did not, skins are gross. and thats that.
-Dredge chicken in Rice Flour, go a little beyond browning. It needs to be fairly crisp so it won't get soggy later.
-I may have done a few more garlics, I like my garlic o.k.!?
-I threw in a sliced portobello or two as well, because I didn't have enough criminis. It worked out swell
-Red Pepper flakes are optional-but you need it. Just do it. You'll wish you did if you don't.
-I used chicken stock instead of wine. Use what you got!

Enjoy! {and eat again for a leftover-lunch}

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  1. When are you coming out here to cook for me???