Journey to a Gluten Free Life-Symptoms of a Sick Girl

Years 12-18; I like to pretend they didn't happen.


During these ghastly years, I learned to deal with several health complaints in my day to day life. Due to my constant absences from school, I began to study through my high school years independently. Pushing through my school work-and eventually a job, with my "normal", which I was sure was far worse than the rest of the worlds idea of a good day.

Aside from the clumps of days were I would have symptoms that would feel as if a cold or flu was looming over me, my "good" days were still involved with a few unfriendly guests.
Generally speaking, I was always tired. Not so much in a desire to go to sleep kind of way, but instead in a I don't want to move or think or talk, because it just takes to much energy kind of way. Migraines arrived often, and stomach pain came in a steady stream. Bowel movements-we gotta talk about that right?-were irregular, and came alternating as hard to come and too easy to go (if you catch my drift). Weight was an issue, an issue which I tried hard to resolve through eating whole wheat and up to three or four times the daily fiber requirement, as was recommended, with no results. (or bowel changes)
I was eating healthy, drinking platy of water, getting rest, exercising and still, I felt lousy.

So once again, I threw in the towel; the healthier I tried to be, the worse I felt-so why try?

P.S. Yesterday was National doughnut day. Did anyone enjoy one of these puppies?
Kinnikinnick Gluten free donuts. Flavors that I've tried in the past; maple, cinnamon sugar and chocolate. Delicious!

I sure didn't, but I wish I did! 

I did however eat one of these guys:

This gluten, dairy, nut, sugar free lemon cookie. All I can say about it is that it really needed some dairy, nuts and sugar. Not my fave, fur sures. 
They do have a chocolate chip variety that I may have to try in the future-it was sold out yesterday, so...does that mean its good? Maybe some ice cream would make it taste better, ice cream makes everything better. Speaking of that frozen deliciousness-I discovered a new kind! Also gluten, dairy, nut, and sugar free. Corn and soy free too, woohoo! I'll tell you all about it sometime. 'Cause I'm nice like that.

*Read on for more of my favorite foods and to see how this story develops!