Best Gluten Free Brands

- Bisquick/Gluten Free-Tastes just like regular Bisquick! Makes delicious waffles, pancakes, dumplings you name it!
-Gluten Free Pantry Bread Mix-I've tried a few of their mixes, and they all are pretty great. This bread mix, is the best gluten free bread I've had. I've made it as regular loafs in the oven, in the bread machine, as rolls, as a base for christmas bread, and as breadsticks.
-Feel Good Foods Dumplings-These dumplings are the bomb! I've had both the chicken and veggie, and they are both so good. I generally prefer the vegetable pot sticker since it tastes about the same as the chicken for less fat and sodium.(P.S. it comes with GF soy sauce) I have yet to try the other products, but will soon!
- BearCreek Darn Good Chili Mix-I have never been a big fan of chili, but in addition to my moms homemade version, I love this mix. I like to add some ground beef or turkey, and an extra can of black beans to make it go a little farther-and it makes a huge pot full.
-King Arthur Gluten Free All Purpose Flour- Its no secret this is my favorite flour blend. It is fine and powdery just like wheat flour is, and doesn't leave you with a gritty texture in your baking. They have awesome recipes online that I often make, and a few mixes as well, but I have yet to try those out. (although I'm sure they are delicious).
-Enjoy Life- I love anything Enjoy Life! I only eat their chocolate chips/chunks, both crunchy and soft cookies are delicious, they have an amazing granola in several flavors, and a crunchy chocolate bar that is better than an actual Crunch bar. The most amazing thing about this brand-everything is gluten, dairy, nut, soy and corn free!
-So Delicious- If you are dairy and soy free like me, coconut is the way to go! There has been a lot of hype surround coconut lately, I can't verify if they are really that beneficial or not, but I can verify that these products are scrumptious. I love the yogurt (vanilla is my fave-I like to pair it with some Enjoy Life granola) the ice cream is creamy and refreshing, and the milk makes for a great baking ingredient.
-Applegate Farms- Meat-tasty, pure and simple. Love the herb turkey breast, their roastbeef is the only kind I'll eat, and the pepperoni is ginormous and free of any preservatives and junk.
-Earth Balance Butter Spread- I get the soy free version-but they have many different versions of this dairy free butter. They also have it in butter sticks now that work great in baking.

So there you have it-a few of my favorite things. Continue to check in for more things all about me...

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