Best Gluten Free Pizza

I like pizza. Like a lot.
I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. and for a snack.
Whether its adorned with pesto, pepperoni, veggies or just cheese--or if its on a thick and chewy or thin and crunchy crust; pizza is always gonna hit the spot.

When I first went gf, the thought of never eating another slice of cheesy Costco pizza, or Upper Crusts crisp pesto pie devastated me, I could never again pick up the phone and get a box delivered to my door. So the Costco magnet was tossed away, I avoided driving on the road Upper Crust sat on, and made sure to fast-forward over all pizza commercials.
When I finally came to terms with it, and had mastered my own variety's of the pizzas I once loved--I then had to cut out dairy too. Pizza, without cheese?! I couldn't bear it. Not even a little bit. I tried to replace the cheese with other fakers, but they were disgusting and definitely did not the same taste or texture.
Pizza was breaking my heart, and I needed to cut it out of my life foreva. A ooey gooey cheese pie with its array of crisp toppings would never find its way into my life again.
Months and seasons passed by with no pizza making its way to my kitchen, my desire being shoved deep inside. But than this round concoction started to creep its way back into my life, slowly at first--nothing more than a crust topped with pesto or bruschetta. More like a large piece of toast rather than a pizza. Things started to develop at a fast pace after that, I needed more. Once again, pizza was ruling my life and filling my every hungery thought.
Is it the same without cheese?
It never will be, but it can still be delicious and it can still cure the craving.

So here are a few of my favorite pizza things:

 Bold Organics Deluxe Pizza: This Pizza is AMAZING! The only dairy free pizza I will eat. I just recently discovered it, doubtful that it would taste too good--but it blew me away. The gf crust is crisp and chewy and full of flavor, and the sauce-Oh the sauce!-absolutely seasoned to perfection. I got the meat lovers (also comes in veggie) and the pepperoni and sausage were also full of a perfect seasoning blend. I didn't even mind the cheese-which was Daiya-which I don't like even a little bit-because they added just the right amount. Downside- pretty pricey, and a very small pie. (it was almost $10 and would only probably feed one person)

Udis Pizza Crust: My favorite pre-made crust. Cover it in pesto sauce and tomatoes, with bbq sauce and chicken, or pepperoni and cheese.Back in the day, my favorite way to make it was with a little evoo or pesto, and topped with mozzarella and tomatoes. Delicious!
FYI-they now sell prepared pizzas. They are gross. Unless you like to top your pizza with pure tomato paste and a small single round of mozzarella and pepperoni-than you would like it. If you like things with flavor-don't buy it.

Applegate Farms Pepperoni: If you couldn't tell by this post so far, I like pepperoni pizza. Its delicious, so you can't really blame me. This is my favorite pepperoni. Gluten/dairy/corn/soy/nitrate free. There is only like four ingredients. three of which are herbs. If you were to buy another brand, say Hormel pepp.-there is like five hundred eighty three ingredients. zero of which are herbs. Just sayin...

Contes Gluten Free Pizza: In margherita or mushroom. For those of you who can eat dairy-Eat this. Its good. Loaded with cheese and flavor.

* Stay tuned in-my story is almost over!

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