Gluten Free Angel Food Cake

 The biggest difficulty with going gluten free has to be deciding on flour. There are so many different premixed flours, and a variety of products they are made from. I will admit that creating my own flour mix does overwhelm me quite a bit, so I do use premixed flours. While I generally use Bobs Red Mill all purpose gluten free flour, due to it being the least expensive choice; but my favorite mix to use is King Arthur flours Gluten free blend. Is is slightly more expensive, but the texture is much finer and has a less overwhelming flavor.
This Angel food cake recipe originated from King Arthur Flour, so obviously thats what flour you should use. I did make it once with Bobs flour, it tasted alright-but not nearly as good as with King Arthurs.
Top with some strawberries and whip cream, chocolate glaze, berry sauce or just eat it by itself. I promise you, nobody will be able to tell its gluten free!

Gluten Free Angel Food Cake
Recipe from King Arthur Flour {click for recipe}

  • Due to King Arthurs Privacy Policy, I am unable to repost recipe. Click on the link to see it. It's worth it, I promise!


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