Blue Sky Blues

    Fall is my favorite season. I love the brisk air and coats and boots and hot apple cider; a little hint of winter with out to much of the freezing. I feel most inspired in the cold winter, to craft and create inside, with a hot drink in hand and Christmas tunes in the background. 
Fall here so far has been hot. Not just a warm breeze in the air, but 90 degree, short sleeve weather. Too hot to even pretend to wear a coat.(when its 5pm and pitch black you'd assume its cold out right?)
So what kind of a hint is this to winter on the Central Coast?
Today it was in the 40's.
I wore a coat. And boots.
I thought about cooking something.
It was too cold.

  I got big cooking plans for this holiday season, but so far the planning stage is as far as it's gotten.
These days my cooking skills have been put to making amazing bowls of gourmet breakfast items.
Here's a recipe for you all:

add together in a bowl.
Its a no fail and you'll impress everyone around with your mad cooking skills.

 Happy Sinterklaas Day!

*Don't forget to put out your wooden shoes tonight!