Simply Delicious

One of the great joys I have since going gluten-free, is finding great GF alternatives to the things I once loved. Do I need to buy those chocolate cookies? Should I eat that bagel? Probably not.....but when I see a new brand of crackers I can't help myself but try them out. 

We have pretty decent GF store selections here on the central coast. Most of the grocery stores in the area have a few options for various things. I've gotten it down to an exact science of who has what where and for less.
On thing that we do not have here on the coast, are Jo-Sef Cinnamon O's . I found these at Whole Foods on my way back from Disneyland a few months ago. I tried one out, which very quickly turned in to two-and I then had to stop myself and savor every crumb because I wanted the deliciousness to last forever. 

I have yet to find these amazing oreo like cookies anywhere in town, but Whole Foods better be stocked up when I come; I most definitely will be buying out all them.

Jo-Sef O's also come in chocolate and vanilla.

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