Yo whaddup

I wish I had some great excuse as to why I haven't even looked at this blog in almost a year, but alas the only excuses I have are that I've been non inspired and I forgot my password.

Those don't seem like big whoops, but let me tell you when you go to try and write something with no inspiration and realize you don't even know how to do a blog anymore it's real easy to just throw your hands up and say oh well too hard, gonna go watch netflix instead.

Why I have I been so uninspired? I don't know. 
Food just doesn't really do it for me anymore.

But you know what does?



This blog was never meant to be a "food blog" but somehow it became that way, and honestly I got just as bored blogging that ish as you probably became reading it.  

Since there's nobody reading this anymore anyway, I figure it's a perfect time to going back to writing whatever I want when I want.

What I want to write about right now is lipstick.
Also, I figure writing about it will somehow make the massive amounts of money I keep spending to feed this habit seem like less of a big deal. Maybe I'll even convince myself it's ok to buy more?

Stop Carina.

I've talked about some of my favorite lipsticks before, but summer twenty sixteen has been all about the matte liquid lipsticks. 
And also orange. I've been wearing a lot of orange lipsticks, for reasons that I don't even exactly understand.

So here are my top five favorite lip colors of the summer so far (all glutencrueltyparabenwhateverelse free of course), in no particular order, and only limited to five because I feel like I should, not because I want to.

*tbh I kinda hate colourpop lippies?? But this is the best neutral brown shade I've found, and I love the color, I just am not a fan of how the brand wears at all.

I don't seem to have a pic wearing hourglass rose, but just trust me that it's the perfect dusty pink.

Thats all for now, stay colorful, and I'll see ya soon!



  1. I think I need you to give me a makeover next time we see you. I have exactly one lipstick that I wear like twice a year...which one of my kids broke off, so it requires digging into the tube to even use any. Otherwise I just go for chapstick. I need help.