Gluten Free Salmon Cakes

As you have probably all come to know by now, my oven is broken.
It decided to take an eternal nap starting right in the middle of cooking an Easter roast. It did take the effort to finish cooking it first though, because we train our appliances to always be kind and considerate around here.
If you follow me on instagram or twitter, (both @carinamdee) you will have noticed that I've been making these little salmon cakes a lot lately.
Thankfully, I started working on this recipe before the oven situation, so I knew I would be okay without it. 
This ones all stove, baby.

I feel like adding the baby might have been too much, I don't know you like that yet.

This recipe adventure started while ago, when some cans of salmon suddenly appeared in my sad food elimination cupboard.
Not eating meat really, and not eating any other food that have happiness or flavor in them, I need some new meal ideas. I decided a salmon cake would be a good thing to make with those said cans, but having never made salmon cakes before I went to the interwebs (read:pinterest) for inspiration. Although I found a lot of delicious looking recipes, I could not find any that were void of the ingredients I can not currently partake of. (read:onions and garlic)
So one night I just threw caution to the wind, and mixed up whatever I felt like throwing in there and grilled up a delicious little meal.
The first batch was incredibly delicious and I have made them basically once a week since tweaking the recipe a bit each time.

And now my lovelies it is time for you to partake of these for yourself.

If you make them for yourselves, that is. 
And you should totally do that.

Here you go! :

In addition to being gluten, dairy and allium free, this recipe is also paleo.

Enjoy! xoxo

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