Currently || May 2015

Now that the month is practically over.....amiright?

Watching: Just binge watched the first season of Chasing Life on Netflix, which was pretty alright. Also watched Legally Blonde the second it showed up on the recently added list, because it sounded like a good idea. Then I had to watch Legally Blonde 2 just to be fair, but not the third wanna be one because it's lame and I don't support it.
The Bachelorette started this week! Which means I sometimes live tweet, so hop on that twin with me. (twitter handle is @carinamdee)

Reading: Pulled out my copy of Grimms Fairy Tales the other day, which is nice because you can just read a little story at a time.
I've gotten into a good writing groove lately, so I've got a whole notebook full of bloggish thoughts and a computer file full of novel beginnings. I will complete an entire story, before giving up on it, at some point in my life.

Wearing: black and white stripes forever. Then throw in some navy stripes just for kicks.
Also, if you haven't already check out Sally Hansens hard as nails nail polish. I discovered the line a good year ago, and am still in awe every time I use it and the color lasts over a week without significant chipping.

Eating: I've been easing corn back into my diet the last month, which meant I bought a giant bag of corn tortillas from Costco and have been using them all over the place. Corn chips, taquitos, burritos, tacos blah blah blah. It's not been such a good health decision.

Listening: Every time a new Mumford & Sons album comes out is a very spiritual experience for me. An experience that requires driving around with nowhere in particular to go until the first listening of the whole album is completed. Also on my playlist the last few weeks: Conrad Sewell, Elle King, the new Passion Pit and this song.

App-ing: I got that Periscope app the other day, and also Snapchat (@carinamdee) but I don't know how to use either one, so don't expect anything out of it.
Apparently I've reached the age where technology requires the help of a teenager, which is really a sad thing.

Craving: Baked goods, because I can't make any without an oven, so obviously all the things I want require the use of an oven. -but- a new oven arrived this week, so I can make stuff again. I haven't yet, because its too pretty and shiny and my cooking thought process has changed over the last weeks to not need an oven, so it'll take a minute to get back into real life cooking.

Drinking: The answer is always going to be water. I might need to eliminate this section.

Googling: various gifs because it's become a thing that I'm into lately.

Coloring: turquoise and coral and all those colors that I crave at the beginning of summer. Also black and white, because that is my lives color motto all the time.

Shopping: I've accepted that I may have a shopping addiction. Please send help.
Ever since rebooting by cosmetics to gluten/cruelty free stuff, I've been on this major makeup kick and I just have to buy all of the things. I feel like a post/video might be in order soon to make me feel more justified in my purchases.
Also got a NuMe Styling wand a few weeks ago, and it is aaaammmmazing. I don't know how I lived without it. They are always being given away by bloggers, or having special sales so be on the lookout! No reason to pay full price if you don't have to!

Playing: nada thing, moving on...

Crafting: I have plans to make some flower crowns one of these days, also some repurposing of furniture that has already been repurposed but I'm over it and need to do it again. Make sense?

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