Send Me Gluten Free Review and a GIVEAWAY!

Hello my faithful friends!
There are so many things going on in this post right now, you won't even know how to handle it. 
Photos, stimulating conversations, giveaways, discount codes, and a videeeeeo!

Don't get to excited about that video part, it probably won't live up to your expectations. Except that part where I unknowingly spill snake venom all over myself...

Just stay with me for a bit, and I'll make it worth your while, okay?!

Todays review is all about Send Me Gluten Free.

Send Me Gluten Free is a monthly subscription box that sends you a package full of gluten free products every month. The boxes contain 8-12 different products, in both full and sample sizes for you to try out. The included products can be snacks, seasonings, vitamins or other gluten free things that they decided to throw in. 
Sounds pretty cool, huh?

It's also something I invented in my my mind, a lot of years ago. I will have to think of a new bright idea now.

Let's go ahead and break down the March box, in written form, then at the bottom you can watch me opening up the box for the first time! 
There will also be a chance to win a free months subscription of your own, if your into that sort of thing.

The March box contained nine products, plus an envelope of coupons. 

As you will see as we go through the box, while they are all gluten free they are not all free of other allergens. So I would not recommend this box to any one that has other food allergies, as there is no way to regulate what you receive. 

You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit! ;)

First out of the box, was a full size package of lasagna noodles. The noodles are a no boil type, made of corn and rice flour. I have not yet tried this one, because what's the point of lasagna without cheese, am I right?! If you have any suggestions for a no cheese lasagna, feel free to let me in on it.

Next was a pack of Kimchee seasonings, which includes the vague ingredient of "spices" that we tend to avoid like the plague, but because it's in this box and is labeled GF, we know it's safe to eat. It smells delicious, despite my video response.

A full size Toosum bar was also in the March box. This is a non-gmo, gluten free, 100 calorie bar. It was pretty good for a healthy little snack bar.

A joint health vitamin was included, along with a discount coupon if you want to buy some more.

Next up, a snack pack of gummy bears free of gluten, corn syrup, artificial coloring and all that jazz. Not free of gelatin however, which I recently learned I am apparently allergic to. So I gave them to my four year old nephew, and he inhaled them in about two seconds. 
Another sample I could not personally try, is Elizabeth Hasslebeck's protein powder. It is made from whey, which as a member of the dairy/casein free club I can't drink. It is nice to get a product like that in a sample though, as you wouldn't want to purchase a full size product and end up not liking it.

A sweet little treat from Pamela's products was included. This little cookie also contains milk, but I did take a little nibble and it was quite delicious.

Another non food item for those who suffer from body pains, in a sample pouch that is not in roll-on form. I know this because I exploded it all over my body. But in other news I have no pain in my hands or legs, or pants.
After it was already covering half my body, I noticed what the actual ingredients are. 
I didn't freak out about it at all, unless you count the minor panic attack.

Last but not least, a full size pack of gluten free tortillas! I've seen and tried a number of tortillas over the years, but have not seen this brand before. 
They tasted like tortillas, so thats a plus.

So that was the March subscription box from Send Me Gluten Free! As you can see, it contains a nice little variety of different products that do not contain any gluten ingredients.
Again, I would not recommend this box for anyone that has other serious food concerns, as the products are only promised to be gluten free.

If you would like to subscribe for yourself, you can go over to their website and order! You can sign up for different lengths of time, from one month up to a full year, it's up to you!

You can also use the discount code BLOG20 to get 20% of your order of any subscription length!

Send Me Gluten Free has also offered to give a months box, free of charge to one lucky reader!
Because I love you, I'm going to make it real easy for you to win. All you have to do is follow me on Google Plus, then leave a comment here to let me know you did it!
Easy peasy.

To enter to win, go over to my Google plus page, click on add to my circles and then select the follow tab. Head back over here, and leave a comment telling me what product in this months box you would most like to try. The winner will also be contacted through their Google Plus account.

And I'll leave you now, with this here incredibly awkward video of me eating things, saying words incorrectly, and spilling miscellaneous items all over myself. 

Sounds like a hoot, I know.

Let me know if you liked seeing the review in video form, and I'll try to become less horrible at it and do some more! Or I might never do it again, but who really knows.

I like to keep the mystery alive.

Enjoy! xoxo

 (Giveaway now closed, Winner has been contacted.)

{ Giveaway will close Monday March 30, and the winner will be contacted via Google Plus. If no reply from winner, a new winner will be randomly selected. Contest open to US residents only} 

This is not a sponsored post. As always, all opinions are my own without further influence. Todays product was provided for review without stipulation.  


  1. We LOVED the video!! Nothing like watching my little sister spill snake venom all over herself :) Adjust the camera so we can see the box next time, though!

  2. And, on behalf of my GF child, I entered your contest and added you on google plus.

  3. Entered this giveaway - this video has all what a first timer , who is looking for GF options in a weight loss journey. Following on Google plus after checking on IG - sheedeals

  4. I added you on Google Plus. I would love to try some new GF items. Thanks.

  5. Anonymous27/3/15

    woo hoo!! Entered :)
    All these gf products look exciting.. especially those gummy bears!