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Watching: Friends. I'm on like season three or four of Friends, and I recall a surprising large amount of it, which is odd since I was only like three when the show started. I must have just seen all the reruns in later years.
I'm also really into watching Youtube videos lately, there are so many hilarious and talented people out there! I'll also be going to see Insurgent this weekend for my Birthday, so that's exciting!

Reading: Nothing! How sad is that? I have been reading a lot of online articles and magazines, but no actual books. laaaaame. Any book suggestions?

Wearing: Jane Iredale liquid shadow, in brown. The very first eyeshadow I remember buying for myself was a tube of gold liquid, that I barely ever wore but loved more then anything. That was the last time I have ever owned a liquid shadow, and after seeing someone on Youtube using a copper liquid shadow, I needed it for myself. It's the perfect amount of color and Ive already ordered it in other shades.
I'm trying to hold onto my sweaters and boots for as long as I can, but it's like eighty degrees outside right now which is so stupid, and I don't even have clothes except able for this type of weather.

Eating: A lot of eggs it seems. I have a lot of dietary restrictions right now. (why haven't I talked about this yet, jeez.) So eggs have become my go-to meal situation. Also a lot of fish, olive oil potato chips, and various paleo treats. (plus, avocados everywhere)

Listening: It doesn't feel like there has been a lot of good music coming out lately, but this song has been one of my favorite car-eoke. Handsome Ghost's new album is pretty good and Misterwives album came out last week. This song is way better then it deserves to be, (no, I haven't seen the movie)  and Troye Sivan has been my music of the moment.

App-ing: I received a Jawbone last week, and it has a cool sleep and step monitor that you connect to an app on your phone. It's nice to know that when I say I haven't slept all night, its actually true.

Craving: Everything I cannot have. At this point, I would really like someone to just hook me up with an IV of straight up garlic. I miss it so much.

Drinking: I started putting Hemp protein in my protein shakes, as I cannot find another protein powder without certain ingredients that I cannot have, and also some homemade almond milk. As a special treat, I will blend up some almond milk, cocoa powder, a dash of maple syrup an a banana for a healthy-ish milk shake type thing.

Googling: yeast free breads, garlic alternatives, and other food related things. Also things like, how tall is Scott Eastwood. Too short is the answer, it will never work out between us.

Coloring: white rooms, bright clothes, and pink nails.

Shopping: I got some earrings from Etsy last month, that I loooove. Ear climbers you guys, that's were it's at. I got some new real techniques brushes, because you can never have enough makeup brushes. Which is not really true, but it is anyway.

Playing: nothing at all, actually. I've been slacking on my guitar practicing, and I haven't really done anything fun lately. I have been experimenting with some different creative things and foods, so does that count? 

Crafting: uuuuugggggggh. nada thing.

Basically, this post is pointing out how old and boring I've been lately. Oh well.

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  1. I just wrote a long comment and it deleted itself when I tried to post it :(
    How come you can't eat garlic? I can't because of fodmaps, so I use garlic infused olive oil to get some of the flavor. Not the same as having actual garlic, but it's better than nothing. Maybe you can use that?
    What are your food restrictions? I can't have gluten or fodmaps, and I have to follow a GERD diet and interstitial cystitis diet (which include no chocolate, citrus, carbonation, artificial preservatives, or alcohol), and I recently began to develop an eczema reaction to eggs (on my face!) so I'm going to have to give those up too (or wear bangs for the rest of my life). Having to give up spicy food, garlic, and eggs have been the hardest. Oh and dairy. I had to create a comprehensive list of 600+ foods and chemicals to keep track of everything I can and can't eat for each issue because it's so hard to keep track of! I'd be willing to share sometime if you think it'd help you out!