Ending up twenty-thirteen, I was sure that the next year was going to be my year. The year that only good things happened to me, the positive year to end a long row of lousy ones. Twenty-fourteen started out with a new niece, a great job with the best people, no debts with money in the bank, no major issues with thee old p.o.t.s, and the goal that this year I would finally make it Europe. Yes 2014 started out alright, I was positive and hopeful and sure that things were starting to turn around for me. After all, the last good new year I had had, before my body started turning against me, was back in two thousand and ten.

We all know how last year worked out though, pneumonia, p.o.t.s becoming medication resistant, trips to Stanford, more medication, and less life lived. Because I was diagnosed as being in a state of severe nervous system crisis, with the possibility of complete failure I had to make some hard decisions. I left my job, dropped as much stress as I could and started working incredibly hard on regaining some aspect of my health. I have had to very slowly build up my exercise tolerance over the last several months, being very careful to not overdo the stress on my system and have created an even stricter diet for myself.

Coming into 2015, my goals are to work even harder.
I have things that I won't to accomplish in life, goals that have been put on hold for the last four years. Dreams that seem so out of reach right now, based of my current state of health. How can I go travel the world, when I can't even make it through five minutes in a grocery store? 
So I'm starting back at the bottom. I believe that a lot of ones health can be resolved by what you are putting into it. I have seen so many people over the years, while working in the medical field, that have various issues that would probably be solved if that just stopped eating big macs and cokes every day. While I know the issues I have are not that easily solved, that they are diseases that I was born with not ones that I created for myself, I can still try.
Comparative to the rest of the world, I eat a very healthy diet. I don't eat fast food, or drink soda or juice, I rarely eat processed foods, intake a lot of protein, and drink a million ounces of water a day. I also really love to eat potato chips and baked goods. I don't eat them everyday, every week even; but I do eat them.

This month I am going to get the necessary tests down to find out what foods are good and bad for my body, eat a vegan diet so that I can be rid of my insomnia, (this is a proven thing for me, I'm not saying it will work for everybody, or even anybody else.) build up the strength in my muscles, and eliminate any unnecessary medications. Hopefully these baby steps will do the trick.

This year is also about healing my mind; more reading and creating, less negativity and finally nailing down that italian and the guitar. It's about finally writing that novel I've been talking about, and not letting the things I can't do impact the things that I can.
For more unicorn onesies and red lips, and less tears and sick days. 
2015 is the year to prepare for the best 2016 I could ever ask for.

It's also about more kitchen dance parties and singing at the top of my lungs. 
Everyone is really excited about that one, I think.

So, with that,
Here we go!


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