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{I apparently have not taken any pictures this month, so here's a picture of Alfred, the British butler nutcracker. He pretty much sums up life.}

Watching: One of my New years resolutions is to watch less tv this year. I love television, I love movies, I love Netflix. This will be hard.
Especially since The new seasons of Downton Abbey and The Bachelor started this week...

P.S. I went and saw Into the Woods last week...I liked it. Chris Pine was awesome, and Emily Blunt is just the cutest. The only downside, every time I think about it I have to start singing are we outta the woods yet, are we outta the woods yet, are we outta the woods yet, are we outta the woods. (are we in the clear yet, good.)

Reading: I finally finished all of the Maze Runner books, then realized there was a fourth prequel book. So I'm waiting patiently for Amazon to deliver that to me... also waiting on a couple of moving to London guidebooks. I know absolutely nothing about how anything works on that side of the pond...I barely know whats going on over here.

Wearing: I've been on this cleaning bender lately, getting rid of a million things that I haven't used in a while, or things I shouldn't ever wear again (I'm looking at you ten year old Ugg boots.) That said, I found my old Urban Outfitters slouchy beanie, that I picked out for my sister to get me for Christmas approximately six or seven years ago, and have become reattached to it. The elastic in it is all dead, so its super slouchy and really cozy. Also, mustard yellow. One of my current favorite colors to wear. (paired with my oversized glasses, and always present cardi,  I look like a total hipster child. but whatevs.) (I think that whole sentence was a little bit too hipster actually. ruh-ro.)

Eating: I've gone vegan again guys. Well sort of.
I have struggled with insomnia for basically my entire life. It takes me a million years to fall asleep, and then when I do, I wake up every couple of hours and start the process all over again. Then, when its time to wake up for real, I am so incredibly tired and usually awake with a headache- then struggle with fatigue all day. When I went off of meat a couple of years ago, I noticed during that few weeks that I slept so much better. But then it got too hard, And I forgot about it. Typical. But now, desperate times call for desperate measures. 2015 is going to be a tough one, and by that I mean I am working incredibly hard at whatever I can to get eliminate all of these stupid things that taunt me.

Listening: I discovered Jame Arthur a few weeks before Christmas, and he is amazing. He was on UK X-Factor a few years back I guess...and his album is just perfect. Check it out. Also from the world of the UK and X-Factor, Ella Henderson's album is finally making it's way to the US. There are a handful of songs on Spotify, and they are all awesome. This song is one of my favorites right now, and also this one. In fact, just check out anything from Kodaline or James Bay. Okay? Listen to what I say.

App-ing: I had mentioned somewhere about how I started listening to the podcast Serial, which I've now finished, If you are a crime show junkie like me, its worth a listen. Now, I perusing for another podcast to listen to. I didn't actually realize podcasts where still a thing, last time I listened to one was  on my first generation iPod, and it was Hilarie Burton as her One Tree Hill character Peyton talking about music and stuff. That was like a million years ago.

Craving: Pizza. Always Pizza.

Drinking: I dunno guys, I'm just not really a drink person. I drink water. Occasionally some chocolate almond milk. I tried to drink some Martinelli's over Christmas, and it made my ill. I never have soda or juice, so the sugar and the carbonation where just too much for me. If I'm going to have sugar, I want to eat it where it counts, ya feel me?

Googling: I'm trying to figure out this Tumblr thing. I get the concept of it, and everybody I know who has one loves it, but....I'm just so confused. It seems to me that if Instagram and Pinterest were to have a love child, then that child would be Tumblr. But that child is confusing me in ways its parents never did..

Coloring: White. Let's just paint the whole world clean and white, okay? (I think I'm having a nervous break down of some sort)

Shopping: Nada. I'm poor, and saving for an international move, and paying a boat load for unfun medical things. Can someone just make me a millionaire already?
Actually I take that all back. I just bought a new camera lens. What are your favorite Nikon lenses? 

Playing: Who's got time for that. No but really, I'm enjoying the fact that my nephews can read now, and therefore can actually play real board games with me. Also, my father in ever support of my exempts to master guitar for good, got me a guitar lessons for dummies dvd kit for Christmas. So there's that happening.

Crafting: Ummmm, does throwing everything away and painting everything white count as a craft? 

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