Thanksgiving 2014

I really failed at the whole photo documentation of Thanksgiving this year. I took exactly three pictures, two of which are basically the same thing so really only two pictures. Both of which, involved food.

But really, the whole day involved food, so it seems fitting.

From waking up earlier then I would have liked to pop the turkey in the oven, to spending the morning assembling stuffing (I refuse to use the word dressing, its stupid.) to peeling a million more potatoes then necessary, then while the peeler was hot and sturdy in my hand-peeling a million apples for an apple crisp that didn't quite work out right but tasted mighty delicious just the same. It was a quite day, with just two of my sisters, one brother in law, and one smelly dog. The dog did not get to partake in any turkey day feasts. Cruel, I know.
It was also my first Thanksgiving without my mom and dad, which meant I didn't have my father around to cut my onions or peel potatoes for me, nor my mum to make the gravy and sweet potato dish. I also had to do a lot of dishes and trash taking out. And, I just missed them, okay?!

Anyway, now that Turkey day is complete we can move on to more exciting activities; like Christmas trees, carols, and all the hot chocolate that can possibly be consumed. And we won't think about turkey for another three hundred and fifty seven days, because I've eaten more of it in the last week to last those three hundred fifty plus days.


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