Currently // December

Watching: About halfway through Gilmore Girls on Netflix, I absolutely cannot remember how the series ended, so it is really like a new and fresh show. Also, making my rounds through the Christmas cinema. Hallmark Channel original movies, ya'll.

Reading: Nothing? I will be starting on the second Maze Runner book one of these days. I stink in the reading department right now. You can't really be doing five things at once while reading a book like you can a show. Also, Gilmore Girls is taking over all my free time.

Wearing: Scarves! Sweaters! Booties! Ugg boots on rainy days that make me slip and break my knees, and rip said sweaters! True story.

Eating: Cookies.... I mean vegetables. :/

Listening: Christmas tunes!! I could probably devote a whole post about my favorite Christmas songs, but here is a little list of songs beyond the traditional that you should check out:

1. One Little Christmas Tree // Stevie Wonder
2. Christmas Without You // OneRepublic
3. White Winter Hymnal // Pentatonix
4.Winter Song // Sare Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson
5. Santa Will Find You // Mindy Smith
6. I'll Be Home // Meghan Trainor
7. Santa Tell Me // Ariana Grande
8. Christmas Lights // Coldplay
9. No Christmas For Me // Zee Avi
10. Merry, Merry Christmas Everyone // Jon McLaughlin

Favorite Holiday albums : Michael Buble, Christina Perri, Pentatonix, Dave Barnes, Mindy Gledhill, She and Him, Sarah McLachlan, Lady Antebellum, Colbie Caillat, Ariana Grande, and obviously Mariah Carey.

App-ing: I used the Face Compare app a couple weeks ago, which is an incredibly confident and incorrect app to use. My nephews tried it out, one was said to look 100% like Lil Wayne, the other apparently looks like 50 cent, and the third some Asian model I've never heard. The fact that it has the guts to say that you have 100% the same face as some one else, especially someone with a whole different ethnicity is something else. I wouldn't recommend it (check out instagram to see who my doppleganger is)

Craving: gingerbread cookies with icing. I mean,  carrot sticks. :/

Drinking: I'm ready for some hot chocolate, man.

Googling: London, Europe blah blah blah.

Coloring: If I could paint my body in a shade of red wine/burgundy/marsala, I would. Obsessed. For now I'll just keep it on my nails, my lips, and my clothes.

Shopping: I got all my Christmas shopping done! Woohoo! Being poor is both a blessing and a curse at Christmas time. I also want some L.L. Bean boots, ya know for all that snow we have here in California :) but unfortunately  they are backordered until March. Bummer. I will have to continue to slip in the rain until next fall I guess.

Playing: Nobody got time for that!

Crafting: Gingerbread houses, Christmas trees, little nutcrackers. Whatever Christmas projects I can get my grimy little hands on.

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  1. You'll have to continue to "slip" in the rain until next "fall"---hehe! Please don't by the way! :)