Gluten Free Ginger Bread Men

In the last week, the house has been covered in sparkly little lights, filled with Christmas crafts, and swallowed up in what was supposed to be the storm of the century. So what does one need to do when the weather is finally cold and wet and the inside is full of holiday spirit.


Naturally some delicious and fragrant gingerbread men need to make an appearance at some point during the season, and what better time then the present!

I shared the recipe a few years ago, and made it exactly the same way this time. It is a bit of a difficult situation rolling these puppies out. Even after they chilled for a good thirty hours, the dough was sticky and not easily rolled or shaped.
Eventually, I just resorted to pounding the dough with my fist rather then the rolling pin, which worked out well for the cookies-not so well for my carpal tunnel.

 Enjoy! xoxox

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