Christmas 2014

As usual, I stunk at pulling out the camera. But here are a few iPhone pics that captured some of the holiday festivities.

Christmas week started off with the annual family Christmas party and white elephant exchange ( I made out with a self inflating whoopee cushion) which was then followed by the annual cookies with cousins on Tuesday. On Christmas Eve, we headed down to my sisters house for dinner and a live nativity reenactment. 
That angel though (me), wow. Oscar worthy. 
Christmas morning was the usual present exchange, followed by a whole morning spent in my new macaron pajamas watching The Santa Clause. Let me just say, my family knows me quite well. Cooking supplies, and London encouragement galore. (should I maybe take that support as an insult? are they trying to get rid of me?)

Saw the rest of the local family later that evening, re-entered my pajamas, pranced around in my unicorn onesie for my sisters benefit, and watched the Maze Runner. It was an entertaining movie, but alike the book-it was not.

As I have been trying to avoid sugar lately, I gave myself permission to have two treats this season. The two I chose were Cranberry bars and Muddy buddies, and they were both pretty delicious. I'm not gonna lie, it gets hard around the holidays to stick to your dietary needs. When cookies and candies are sitting out in front of your face, you will found yourself ready to grab one without even thinking about it. I can't tell you how many times I almost took a bite out of the gluten full sugar cookies while decorating. Thank goodness I was able to catch myself....
Also, So Delicious egg nog. Tastes just like the real deal, while begin completely vegan. 

So there is my Christmas in a nutshell! Looking through these photos, while listening to holiday tunes is getting me a bit sad and nostalgic. I miss Christmas already.


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