Bacon Wrapped Dates

Today is apparently a national holiday, I bet you didn't even know it. 
National Bacon Day they say. I saw this statement a couple of times on twitter today, but was unable to verify this information.
I'm feeling very detective-y today, as I finally updated my phone for the first time in like a year, therefore was finally able to start listening to Serial. I love myself a good mystery, and am already obsessed with it. So guys, update your phones. Get the Podcast app, download all of the Serial episodes. Listen. 
You're welcome.

But back to bacon....
It just so has it, that I was already planning on sharing a bacon wrapped surprise today. How convenient. It must have been my magical psychic powers.
Or more likely, my magical tastebud powers that chowed down about a million of these little guys last week. 

It all started when my mother needed an allergy friend appetizer idea for the family Christmas party.

It was last Monday, we had a million things to do each before company arrived, parties began and so on and so forth. We ran over to Costco, were I spent a good hour waiting to pick up my new glasses while my mom did all her food shopping. It was a bit ridiculous. 
I met up with her near the checkout. Her original plan was to make some bacon wrapped mini sausages, which she had eaten at a party once before. The problem however, was the corn syrup and other questionable ingredients that were not appropriate for me or my nephews strict diets. I saw that she had the slab of bacon already, and also a giant bin of dates. (she was planning to make some date bread or something like that) Because I'm brilliant, I said just wrap those dates up in bacon! I've never in my memory actually eaten a date, therefore didn't really know what they tasted like, but it sounded genius none the less.

Later I found out this is apparently already a thing, and my sister had made some over Thanksgiving. 

(I had thought she had bacon wrapped figs for some reason, still in talking about these I keep accidentally calling dates figs.) 

Then we made them again for Christmas Eve. They totally ruined my two-week streak of  vegetarianism.

But who cares! They are delicious! Sweet, salty, crunchy, smooth. They are everything. Go make some. 
Really, right now.
Or for your fabulous New Years Eve party. Even if that party just means you and your Netflix queue.

All you need:

Pitted Dates
(make sure to check both are gluten free!)
and an oven.

Here is the Recipe!

Enjoy! xoxox

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  1. My new favorite hors d'oevre! And they are healthy, right? cause they have dates? ;)