Easy Homemade Gluten Free PopTarts

Once upon a time, Carina and her brain wanted to eat her favorite pizza, of which requires a bag of Gluten Free Mama's pizza crust. This pizza mix you see, is the best that Carina and her brain have found so far in the world, between both pre made and homemade recipes. So, because that mix could no longer be found anywhere in the county; Carina and her brain decided to order a box full off of the internet. However, Carina forgot to use her brain when she placed the order, and instead ended up with a box full of Mama's Gluten Free Pie Crust mix. There was a lot of tears and rude words exchanged between Carina and her brain when this was discovered. 
But all was made right when a new, correct order was placed for the needed supplies.
The only problem was that Carina was now left with several bags of pie crust mix, and therefore needed something to do with them. (and by problem, I don't really mean a problem)
And here we are, with the first recipe to come out of this not so tragic mistake.
Homemade gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, pop tarts. 

This recipe is incredibly easy, and creates a tasty hand pie. I made these pies with two different fillings, one with strawberry jam and the other with a brown sugar/cinnamon mix. Both of which were my favorite flavors within the real pop tart repertoire.
All you have to do to create these, is make the crust (super easy) roll it out, scoop in some filling, bake it, top with frosting, then stuff it into your face. Try to avoid injury within each of those steps.

When rolling out the crust, make sure to roll them as thin as you can. I made them a little thicker than I should have, and while still delicious they were a very heavy treat.
When frosting, (the more frosting the better!) you can also top with sprinkles if you desire, or a light sprinkle of brown sugar like I did on the brown sugar/cinnamon flavor. I opted not to use colored sprinkles, as they are full of food coloring and corn, both of which I prefer to avoid in my life. Im colorful enough as it is, thank you very much. (that's actually kind of a lie, I live in a world full of neutrals)

Make them yourself today, with this handy printable recipe!

 Enjoy, and have as happiest of a Monday as you possible can! xoxox.

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