Netflix show of the week is The Blacklist. And can we talk about Once Upon A Time for a minute, and how not big of a fan I am of the Frozen story line. Anna and Elsa bother me.

The Maze Runner, which I have been "in the middle of" for several months now. Really, I'm still on page 3.

Booties. Really into them as an everyday wear right now. These Enzo Angiolini's especially. I love them more then one should love a shoe. I wish I could say I am wearing big cozy sweaters, but its 90degrees outside. Stupid weather.

Anything and everything. No but really...I'm into having a little green apple/nut butter snackeroo situation right now. I tried to make a pumpkin bread the other day, which didn't work out well enough for a post, but I did eat it.

The Scripts new album: No Sound Without Silence. They are one of my all time favorites so I've been listening to it nonstop since it came out last week. Also I just hopped onto the One Direction bandwagon a week or so ago, a little slow I know. But I've been listening to their new single all week. Also I'm obsessed with this Labrinth song . And this one by Jessie Ware. Ohhh, and this one from MisterWives. annnnd this little guy from Hozier. (he's been a favorite for a couple months now, must be good:)
I go through weekly phases of listening to the same songs over and over again until I can't stand to look at them again for a year or two. Then I move onto to a new set of songs.

My Fitness Pal is a great calorie counter app I've been using the last couple of weeks. I also discovered this Music Video app that saves youtube videos to watch offline later. YOU GUYS. I have only needed this forever! Not because I watch a lot of music videos, but because I refuse to spend money on music that I will only be into for a week  (see above statement) so, I listen to a lot of music on YouTube. This app makes it so I can listen to my favorite tunes in the car, without an internet connection. Its great! Another exciting app, Spotify now does not require you to purchase Spotify plus to listen on you phone. Which is great, but it does require wi-fi, so i only use that one when i have internet connection. (I don't like to waste my data on things like listening to music, ya know. important things.)

Rain. This October heat is killing me.

Water, all day everyday. Also, Vega protein drinks for breakfast.

London. I've decided to move there next year. My dream of moving to Italy keeps getting sidetracked as I am incredibly lousy at speaking foreign languages, so an English speaking country it is! Really this should have been an obvious choice, all my favorite bands are from the UK, I love cold rainy weather, and I have a houndstooth print desk chair for crying out loud.
So, that's happening.
As soon as I'm not poor, and am permitted to go on a plane. (those stipulations will be met eventually)

Burnt orange and burgundy.

Searching for a good suitcase set and a new camera bag. Any suggestions?

Attempting to play guitar for reals. I somehow think that if I ignore my guitar for a year, then pick it back up I will miraculously know how to play it. then my finger tips feel like they are going to fall off, and I stop playing- starting the whole cycle over again. Also learning this song on piano, with only my right hand and left pinky finger because my left fingers are unusable. see previous comment.

A knit infinity scarf. I don't know how to knit (I do know how to crochet) so I am going to try to make one on a knitting loom, which I've only used for hats before. I'll keep you tuned in as to how this turns out. (also you should not be surprised that it is to be burnt orange.)

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  1. We have been watching those same shows on Netflix, but OUAT started getting a little annoying and The Blacklist is starting to bother me with all the murdering--so now we are watching Extreme Preppers. :) Post a tutorial on the scarf-on-a-loom, willyou?

    1. I watched the whole season of The Blacklist, and am still pretty confused about the whole thing. It may have had something to do with the eight other things I do while watching, but..... Tutorial coming! It worked perfectly!