Gluten Free Stuffing

Thanksgiving is coming! Only a week and a half away, and my mouth is already salivating over all of the delicious foods I will be partaking of. And as I am your favorite gluten free blogger, I am here to bring you some delicious holiday recipes.

The turkey may be the headliner of the meal, but Thanksgiving side dishes are definitely the stars of the show.
Stuffing, mashed potatoes, pie and...well that's all I really care about actually.

Growing up, I hated stuffing. To me, it was just a bunch of mushy bread mixed with other things I don't care for mixed in. And, stuffing from inside the turkey?! I would rather eat dirt. Dirt would actually probably be healthier then the unsanitary turkey juice. Really, lets not get me started on the unsanitary business of stuffing from a turkey.
But stuffing, (its not dressing, dressing is what goes on salad.) never really appealed to me, until I suddenly couldn't have it anymore. What was even the point of Thanksgiving, if all I could eat was turkey and potatoes? Even though thats all I had been eating for Thanksgiving, all my life.

Tell me I can't have something.... you know how that works out.

The first couple of years being GF, I made some delicious cornbread stuffing-that made those boxes of wheat stuffing cry. I mean, never had I enjoyed a stuffing so much.

Then, turns out that little thing called corn is my major migraine trigger, and I decided I would not like to be sick over the holidays. How could one go shopping on black friday, if they are painfully locked away in a dark room. One cannot.

So, fresh bread was baked and stuffing was born again.

You want the recipe now, don't you.

* For the bread, follow these instructions. Add in fresh herbs to batter, and cook in a 9/13 pan (larger, if you have it!) let cool, then cut into cubes. Lay cubes out flat overnight to harden.

and stay tuned for more Thanksgiving recipes this week!

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