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As you probably know by now, pizza is one of my top five favorite food items. What the other five are, I'm not so sure, but I know pizza is in there somewhere.

When I first went gluten free, I had no problems just subbing in my favorite food items with less gluten filled ones. I could buy pre-made pizza crusts, or make one from scratch and it didn't really matter how it tasted, because the mountain of gooey cheese on top covered it up. Don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about. You do.

Once I eliminated dairy from my diet, life was a lot harder to enjoy my favorite foods. Still to this day, I struggle with the lack of cheese in my foods. It just instantly makes food better. 
I went through all the steps after burying dairy six feet under my memories. 

 (I don't reaaaaly have a problem when I eat it..)

(why do horrible things happen to meeee!)

(cheese: I will eat you if you don't make me sick. Ok?)

(I miss you cheese.)

But I have finally reached the final step, and accepted my pizza will forever be cheeseless.

R.I.P cheesy deliciousness.

But as luck would have it, some wonderful people solved my problem for me. 
Gluten free pizza. With dairy free cheese. That tastes fantastic. 
Who are these marvelous people? The folks at Bold Organics, thats who.
They make the perfect pizza crust, topped with delicious toppings and daiya dairy free cheese. (cheese that I usually find to taste like rubber, but for some reason it doesn't on this pizza! win!)

All they make is pizza and all are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, and made from the freshest, organic ingredients. I mean, the name is Bold Organics.

The four flavors of pizza are: vegan cheese, veggie lovers, meat lovers, and deluxe.
Something for everybody.

I was able to try two varieties of pizza, which where the veggie lovers and the deluxe.

The veggie lovers was the first one I tried, and It was love at first bite. It has a thin crust, that is both crunchy and soft, a light spread of sauce covered in the perfect layer of "cheese" and topped with delicious veggies.

As you can tell from the photo, the veggies it has are red peppers, onions, and shiitake mushrooms. Not necessarily the veggie explosion I would like, but it still tasted so good.
 I have bought other frozen pizzas in my life, that rudely had all the cheese and toppings bunched up in the middle of it. This little guy had them all spread out perfectly.
The sauce is nicely seasoned and provides the majority of flavors to the pie, while the the roasted peppers give it a nice flavor boost. The cheese, which back in the old dairy days, I would have loved piled on; was limited to perfection. The dairy free cheese does not really taste the same as the real deal, so a small amount gives you the elusion and the texture as cheese would, but without a over-strong soy taste.

The deluxe pizza was next to try. It has all the same toppings as the veggie lovers, with the addition of pepperoni and italian sausage.

I mean, just look at that^^^

This pie had a thicker crust, and more toppings than the veggie lovers does; but it still has the same light spread of cheese, flavorful sauce, and perfect crust.
It also has pepperoni, and I love pepperoni. Especially this pepperoni, it was good stuff.
The sausage was also good, but I would have really liked it better if it had more flavor to it. But that's just me, and me is a red pepper sausage addict.
One of my co-testers however, in trying to sound all smart and fancy; described the sausage as "delightful, very well aged hamburger." Okay then....
The pizza as a whole had a little spice to it, that the other did not. Just enough to kick up the flavor, without burning down your mouth. Just how I like it.

Overall, I loved these pizzas. They are sure to cure any pizza craving for the gluten free eaters and the gluten lovers alike.
They are not corn or soy free, and are a little but pricey; so they won't be an everyday meal. But as dialing up a pizza to my door stop is no longer possible, one waiting in my freezer is a perfect alternative.

One secret to making this pizza the best it can be, is to broil it after cooking. It does suggest to on the box, but you have to actually do it. I believe its what makes the cheese that much more bearable than it is other times. 

So my lovely readers, if you want to learn more about these scrumptious pizzas, click on over to Bold Organics website, here. You can also go here, for a dollar off coupon for any Bold Organic pizza!


(Disclaimer: While the product tested today was provided for review, no monetary compensation was given in exchange for this post. All opinions on this site are my own, without further influence.)

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