Last Friday Night // Birthday Celebration!

 So I now have bee twenty-two for four days. I feel the same as I did last week, except for the horrible cake induced migraine and congestion.
Someday I will learn, but apparently the day has not yet come.

For me, birthdays are really just a day when others must do as i want them to. Growing up, we got to pick out what was for dinner, what kind of cake we wanted, and whatever activities would occur that evening. And people had to be nice to you, thats mandatory.

March twenty-second was really just like any other day. I got dressed, ran some errands, frosted a cake and ate some junk. 
Later that afternoon, the three little boyos joined me for a dinner fiesta and a movie marathon. Their madre aka my sister , had a birthday earlier in the week, and went for a little weekend getaway. Since I am the best sister/aunt in the whole world, I allowed them little guys to join me for the evening and following day.
I was born on the day said sister was set to have her twelfth birthday party, thus the party got canceled. I think we can call it even now :)
Jokes aside, theres no one I'd rather spend it with. The only thing better would be if my nine other little loves would have been there too.

For dinner, I made my crockpot beef tacos, but I used a rump roast instead of a flank steak. It actually was cheaper this week, which was a little bizarro. It worked out fabulously though.

I ate mine with fresh pico, my favorite guacamole, black beans and some lettuce on a rudi's spinach tortilla.

"Look at my taco cweena!"

The eldest boy had his taco/burrito on a La Tortilla Factory GF tortilla.

Then it was cake time!

After cake: we enjoyed a viewing of Wreck it Ralph, and Rise of the Guardians.
Than I ate more cake. and more guacamole.

All in all it was a great, low-key day. I got to spend the day with some of my favorite foods, and some of my favorite people.

And I finally created a white cake that was super delicious.
Recipe coming up next!!


  1. Oh gosh, all of this food and that cake look scrumptious! I love how it was decorated ;)
    xo TJ

  2. Thank you TJ!! It was pretty delicious, if I do say so myself :)