Pismo Beach Monarch Butterflies

Today, I ventured along with some of my favorite little peeps to the Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove. It is a spot in Pismo Beach (obviously) where every year a zillion monarch butterflies gather for the winter. Even though this spot has been there my whole life, just a few minutes away; I have never gone to see them. 
For some reason standing and looking at a whole bunch of butterflies while they swarmed my head just didn't appeal to me much. That being said, I am always up for an adventure with these little guys, and I'll admit it was fun.  :)
the season to see them is from November to February, so today was literally the last day of the season.
Not that the butterflies really care what day it is...but they start to dwindle off.
Next year, I will have to try to go earlier in the season when its colder so I can see when they all clump together.
 That's apparently where all the coolness is at.

The eldest boy was looking very hipster today. He also kept giving me very serious looks when I tried to take his picture, very modelesque. 
Boy two is showing me his Thundercat moves. snarf snarf.
Love these kiddos!

We saw quite a few butterflies "wrestling"
Throughout the afternoon, I kept saying (in my head and outloud) "I am a beeuutiful butterfly!"
I'm sure you all know what former caterpillar said that.

We spotted some baby hummingbirds! They actually seemed to be more popular than the monarchs.This picture doesn't do justice of how teeny tiny they were. The oldest boy kept saying their nest looked like a hole of an egg carton, if that helps you think about their size.

My mama! My boys! My self, really unflatteringly so! Jul was there too, if you were wondering.
On our way out, we were all hungry and ready for some lunch. Apparently the baby birds thought so too. Hello mama bird!
This boy, who is just the cutest...decided to start calling me creena-beena today. Then he said "creena-beena, I yuv you." and my heart melted into a giant puddle of goo. 
I sure do love being an aunt sometimes. Its the best job ever.

 I do have to say, a bunch of butterflies flying at you is not really the best feeling in the world, but maybe its just me. I freak out about any flying things around me. The only consolation is that they won't poo on you, at least thats the answer I got from the 9 year old when I asked. As I am extremely paranoid about things pooing on me,  I had to be sure-and he's the smartest thing I got around, so its certainly true. 

I'll tell you sometime just how many times I've ended up with bird-turd on my person. 
Its so diculous, its ridiculous
(if you can name what movie that quote is from, we shall be besties for life.)

Anything exciting going on in your neck of the woods tonight?

In my town, every Thursday night is the (apparently) world famous farmers market downtown.
I won't be going though. I prefer to get my produce from the less famous Saturday farmers market.

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  1. Incredible! Why have I waited so long to check this out?!?!?