In with the New

As you may have noticed, some changes have gone on her at carinabeancreations.

To refresh your memory, here is what this site looked like yesterday.

Here is what it now looks like:

Pretty fresh, huh?
Perfect for summer, even though its still months away--we can pretend right?

Here are some of the changes I've made.
{Imagine me in a flight attendent gettup, directing you with my two finger arrows, ok}

Turn your attention to the right side ->

You'll notice some new images paving your way through the archives and below that:

New linky-links!

Pinterest, Instagram, Etsy, and Email respectively.

{as my Etsy shop is yet to be up and running, this link is currently inactive.}
{post edit: you must follow me on instagram to use link.}

Feel free to revel in my creative amazingness, I won't mind.

Until next time...

**As I have created all of these elements myself, please be respectful-and do not steal or copy any images. Gracias, kiss-kiss.