Food Find: Enjoy Life's Not Nuts! Seed and Fruit mix

So, awhile back I received a package from Enjoy Life foods containing these guys:

A bag of each flavor of their not nuts! Seed and Fruit Mix.

Beach Bash and Mountain Mambo, respectively.

This particular item, is not sold in stores around here; therefore, I had never seen nor tasted it before.

So I snapped some shots of them, ate a couple sample handfuls and let this post sit unwritten for awhile.

You see, when I receive these lovely packages, I like to come up with some creative way to use them. Anyone can just eat a cookie ya know? But can anyone use that cookie to make ten other delicious desserts?

But as it goes, time got a way from me and my snacking addiction took over these reserved samples.

Then, I finally realized.....

this mix of seed and fruit is perfectly capable of being eaten all alone.

No bells or whistles.

Strait outta the bag.

As I had been doing already: a handful eaten for my daily mid-afternoon snack.
{its a perfect solution to hold me over until dinner}

Because folks, sometimes a snack can be just a snack.
Sometimes, a bag of dried fruit and various seeds can be just a bag of dried fruit and seed.
{and the mountain mambo has chocolate-and who ever went wrong with chocolate? I mean, really?}

So if you are looking for a quick, easy snack packed with health and deliciousness.

Enjoy Lifes not nuts! Seed and Fruit mix is the perfect snack for you.

If eating a snack right outta the bag is not good enough for you--

your welcome to replace the chocolate granola with this mix in this recipe.
{also omit the oil}


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