Hello friends!

Did you all have a fabulous and gluten free Thanksgiving?

I sure did. 

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures {whats wrong with me?!}

Actually, thats not true. I took exactly two pictures with the trusty iphone.

Turkey going in, and turkey coming out.

and here they are.

My little turkey baby. all buttered up with herbs.

And there she is! 12 pounds, seven ounces.

Thus far the smallest turkey I have ever cooked.

Of course there was mashed potatoes, and stuffing, and all the other fixins'.

But did I capture their pretty little mugs. No. major fail.

In my defense, Thanksgiving dinner was a little less formal of a meal for me this year.

Usually, that fourth Thursday in November is the day for me to throw a shmancy meal full of tasty food and festive decor.

This year, it was decided we were going to share the Turkey meal with extended family at my grandparents house.

The problem with this? The extended family does not cook gluten or dairy free.

Soooo, I made myself a full on meal and transported a plate for myself across town.

No fancy dishes, no photo opps. Just food dished right out of the pan onto a fancy plastic plate.

Delicious none the less.
Looking forward to next years feast all ready!

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