12 Treats of Christmas: Vegan Thumbprint Cookies {#5}

I'm going to save you all the jibber-jabber today, 
as there is only one more week until Christmas-and I'm sure you all are very busy people.

Today I am bringing you a special treat for all those vegan folks out there.
Even though I do cook and eat dairy free, I do generally use eggs in my baking.

This cookie does not require eggs, and of course has been re-created dairy and gluten free as well.

A little tip... to make the thumbprints, you remove cookies from the oven half way through to make the indent. The cookie will crackle less if you do it sooner, rather than later. {I obviously did it later, hence why they are just so beautiful--or not....}

So here comes the recipe-after this short commercial break:


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