12 Treats of Christmas: Almond Roca Cookies {#4}

On the fourth day of Christmas treats, yours truly is bringing you a brand new holiday treat.

A recipe that has been in my family for generations, 
but yet I had never tried it before this week.

and maybe secretly, I wish I had never discovered them.
because maybe, just maybe I ate half the pan.

but then I totally ate some vegetables, so that counteracts it, right?

A few years back, my sister compiled a book full of family recipes that various members had sent in to her.
This was one of these recipes, which was submitted by my grandma, but originally came from my great-grandma.

These cookies are called Almond Roca Cookies.

They don't necessarily taste like actual Almond Roca, in my opinion.
But the crisp cookie, with the chocolate and nut toppings, make a scrumdiddlyumptious treat.

Anyhoo, heres the recipe:


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  1. Anonymous18/12/18

    this is such a dumb recipe. dairy free butter? gluten free flour? wow watch out creativity.