Rain, Bangs, and Hot Apple Cider

Supposedly, it is Fall.

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year.

The changing colors of the trees, the holidays just around the corner, the nip in the air and frequent rainfalls.
Me and my vampire skin love the lack of sun, I love cozing up in thick sweaters, and sipping on my Trader Joe's Hot Apple Cider.

Around here, Autumn has yet to make an appearance. 

It is approximately eighty-five degrees outside, bright and sunny. Which is actually a quite cool after the the ninety+ it was last week....

Its really pretty sad.

It did rain one day a couple weeks ago--and even thou it was still pretty warm out, my giant red mug and apple cider made an appearance for the day.

Another rainy day should be coming any day now, and once again I will sip on some warm apple beverage. Others may like to enjoy the other hot seasonal drink--hot chocolate. I however (besides that fact that I no longer eat or drink dairy) refuse to partake of any hot chocolate until after Thanksgiving. 

Apple cider is a fall beverage.
Hot chocolate is a winter beverage.

This is a very important rule, that shall not be broken. Ever.

Every Autumn, I also have another craving.


Every year when fall hits, I have the sudden urge to chop off my frontal locks.
And every time I give into that urge, I spend a long spring awkwardly growing them out-just to do it all over again in a few months. 

Its a vicious cycle.

Especially for me, a person whose only true claim to fame is her perfectly styled locks.

Thankfully, some hair genius cured this problem for all fall bang sufferers.

Faux Bangs peeps.

Faux bangs.

No haircut needed, no awkward growing out phase and no commitment.
Yes it may be a little weird when you have bangs one day, and not the next. ( I got several compliments on my "new haircut" and some inquisitive looks a few days later when my hair uncut itself..)
So a minor level of commitment may be required.

I however, look forward to styling my mane which ever way I please on a daily basis. That one rainy day got bangs. The ninety-two degrees the next day got no bangs. The perfect solution to the central coasts confused weather situation.

Bangs and No Bangs.
Just like that.

If you too find yourself in this seasonal pickle, try it out. I chose the Jessica Simpson synthetic bangs in R830 from here. Since they are synthetic, they were pretty darn shiny when they arrived. (Human hair wigs gross me out--I don't want someone else's hair on my head!) Lucky for me,  my hair is also fairly shiny; so I just sprayed some dry shampoo on the bangs to tone them down a bit, and clipped them on in.

Instant bangs, easy peasy.

Hair crisis averted.

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  1. Carina, you are adorable...but wearing fake bangs is weird. Seriously. Weird.