Eat Some Cake.

My momma had a Birthday yesterday.

We ate cake.

I ate a lot of cake.
Then I woke up sick.

It reminded me of a day 11 years ago, when I woke up sick the day after we held a birthday party, full of good food and cake. I stayed home from school, slept in and got out of bed just in time to watch my favorite show on T.V. I was than greeted by nothing but news on the tele, and my mom in front of it. 
I was really upset that the news was taking over my show. 
My mom was really upset by what was on the news.

Although I don't make myself sick every year, to the day; I do try to think back and remember how awful that day was for so many people as the eleventh of september occurs every years.
 It reminds me, like so many tragic days in history do, to live life to the fullest.
Which sometimes means, eat some cake when I want to.

So Happy Birthday to the women who taught me {almost} everything I know,  I love ya lots!


  1. I love you too sweet thing! :) Now if we could just not eat so MUCH cake! :) It was so yummy! thank you