Journey of a Gluten Free Life-A New Way

When I discovered my unnoticed blood result, I was irked. {to say the least}

Six years.

For six years this test lay amongst dozens of other pages without a second glance.
Six years I lived in misery because a certain medical professional didn't bother to take a closer look.
Six horrible years, that did not need to be so horrid.

Right after I made this discovery, I officially went of gluten. In just a couple days, I felt so much better. That rock I had lived under for so many years, had started to move away. My headaches were lessened, my stomach felt better than I ever new it could, my emotions were more easily controlled, and the cap finally flew off my energy bottle. One big change = made all the difference.
I researched what little there was about gluten intolerances at that time, and bought what few gluten free products they had on the market. At this time, there were only one or two gf brands that were just starting up, with a very few items that could only be found at on health-food store in town. A gluten free diet was not yet the hip thing to do, no celebrities were doing it yet and most doctors still didn't know to test for it.

This medical unawareness is what prolonged my official diagnosis not once, but twice.

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