Journey of a Gluten Free Life-After the Aftermath

For the first week or so after my realization, I eliminated everything from my diet. I drank tons of water, and only ate fruits/veggies and plain rice and chicken. I tried to clean out my body and remnants of disease it had left in it.
Around this time, I received my entire pediatric file -a novel of medical records. I was eighteen now, and it was time for me to find a new primary doctor. As I was reading through my file, I came across my allergy test results from a few years prior, and on these results, besides the reaffirmation of my allergy to cats, grass and birds, the wheat allergy was negative, but there were some test abbreviations that I did not recognize.
So off to google I went.

One of these abnormal results was to the IgA/IgG antibodies, aka the celiac test.

I had a positive diagnosis to Celiac at age twelve, yet it wasn't noticed until six years later.

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