Journey to a Gluten Free LIfe-Prelude

I was born premature. Just by a couple weeks, not enough to drastically effect my size or weight (I was 6lb something-imagine how big I'd be if I was born on time!) but early enough to prevent the cord, which had positioned itself around my neck to cause any damage. I was a quiet baby, lost in the shuffle of a busy household, and a sound sleeper-so much so, my mother had to often check that I was still breathing in the night.
As my early years developed, my fair skin appeared almost translucent and was covered in eczema and bruises that came too easy. My bright blue eyes were enveloped in sleepy dark circles, and I was thin, compared to my tall frame, surely due to the fact that I was too picky to eat any real food. As it were, the diet of my toddler self primarily consisted of an array of goldfish crackers and string cheese, which were the only things I was willing to put into my small mouth. (Even my goldfish I was picky about-it could be original, parmesan or pretzel, but never would I eat those cheddar fish)

I still remained a very particular eater throughout my young life, relying heavily on "safe" foods, such as breads and crackers, when feeling sick or eating away from home.

It was because of these habits, that my intolerance to gluten was discovered. Since then, my idea of a "safe" food has changed drastically.

Plus- Stay tuned tomorrow for my favorite salad recipe, which derives from the happiest place on earth!