Countdown until Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a little over a week away. I have yet to finalize my menu plan due to the fact that nobody else seems to appreciate my big food dreams. Doesn't everyone dream of a turducken?

Anyhoo,  this week I'll share my great knowledge that is Thanksgiving. I love to think up new plans for my turkey, and my gluten-free cornbread stuffing and thick mashed potatoes are a-ma-zing.
Starting tomorrow, I will share with you one of my secret recipes for a thankful meal.

To start your fall season off right; you should definitely try Trader Joes Spiced Cider.

photo from Glamour.com

Warm up in the microwave or stovetop for a minute and voila! Instant fall in a bottle.

If only it weren't 90 degrees outside...

Cheers to wishful thinking!

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