Ecco Bella Product Review || My Nightly Skincare Routine

Hello my lovely little gems!

Remember how at the beginning of the year, I was all in a tiff about how this blog had become too food related, which was not my intention and things were going to get a little less edible around here? Remember how I also said that since stopping a certain hormone situation my skin has suddenly decided to boycott life?

Well if you do remember those things, then good for you and this post will make sense to you.
If you don't recall, then your now all caught up! Win-win!

Sometimes I don't even make sense to myself.
It's fine, whatever.

In my effort to educate both you lovelies and myself, on healthier gluten free beauty options; I've been trying out some products from different brands.

Today I bring you a skin care product from Ecco Bella, and a little insight into my evening skin care routine. 
If you're into that sort of thing.

Ecco Bella products are gluten free, vegan, paraben free and not tested on animals, while also remaining natural and organic. 

In other words, the type of brand we're all about over here.

The products are all formulated for sensitive skin, so I could basically buy all of the things if I felt so inclined. 
And I always feel so inclined...
side note: anyone have a number for shoppers anonymous? 
asking for a friend...

The lovely product I have here today is the Leave-on Invisible Exfoliant & Blemish Remedy. It's made of alpha hydroxy acid and salicylic acid, and claims to smooth skin and dry up blemishes in 48hours. Salicylic acid is also the component in aspirin that makes it a diy zit zapper, but to be honest that little trick never gave me very helpful results plus it's a pain in the behind to have that crusty gunk on my face.

In my mind, this product was going to be a magical potion that would instantly erase any facial blemishes. Like those cleaning commercials were they have an incredibly dirty floor and then with one swipe it's all sparkly and new.

That however was not quite my experience. 

And before you get all huffy about me wasting your time with a product that doesn't work, hear me out a minute.
It does work, just not quite the way I was imagining it to.
The first time I used it, I put it on a massive spot before bed and then expected to wake up blemish free. 
Not the case.
I kept trying it over several weeks, every time I developed a little something, and I learned a few things.
With my particular skin, this product seems to stop the growth of blemishes but does not actuality remove them, if that makes any sense at all.
Basically, if I put it on when I feel the first signs of a zit coming on, it stops it in its tracks and never gets any bigger. If I put it on an already fully developed spot, it doesn't really seem to quicken its healing very much. 
So I feel like it just stops them from growing any further then they already are, but doesn't actually shrink it.

That all said, I have an incredibly sensitive, pale blemish loving face. I still have scars from zits five years ago, because my skin just doesn't heal itself very well. The places I've used this product have not scarred at all, and have just slipped away quietly.

If you have a face that heals well or have had great results using an aspirin spot treatment, you will probably have better and faster results.

Now that the business is all out of the way, I thought I would share with you a bit of my evening skin care routine. It's also basically my morning routine as well, minus the makeup removal part.

So here we go!

I start by removing my eye makeup with coconut oil on a cotton pad
Next I wash my face with warm water, face wash and my face scrubber.
Pat dry, and apply an apple cider vinegar/water mixture as a toner.
Now that you're all clean, use a Q-tip to apply the Ecco Bella Natutal Leave-On Ivisible Exfoliant and Blemish remedy  on trouble spots.

You can use the blemish remover several times through the day to help blemishes heal faster.

Ecco Bella also recommends to take note of your diet in regards to your face health, and also to encourages certain supplements to help skin health. You can check out their website for more information, and to order products of your own!

Enjoy! xoxo

{this is not a sponsored post. as always all thoughts, opinons and photos are my own without further influence. the products reviewed today was provided for testing, without requirement or monetary compensation.}

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