Gluten Free Burger with Fig and Chèvre

There is a little restaurant here in town, that has become one of my favorite lunch spots. I was introduced by my previous employers, who would often take the staff out for tasty friday lunches. The restaurant was opened by a couple who also have a catering company, so the menu is a combination of smaller foods, which you can mix together for a complete meal.
On the menu are various salads, sliders, and macaroni & cheese variations. The best part of this restaurant, is that they make everything fresh from scratch, and have several gluten free options. Whenever I go, I usually order a "duo" of a bun-less slider and salad. I've tried several variations, and my favorite order is always the quinoa salad (which changes seasonally) and the fig burger. It has some kind of a name, but I cannot recall. Plus you aren't in my town, so it really makes no difference to you. But what will make a difference to your life is when you make this burger for yourself. It is so spectacularly simple, and incredibly delicious.

We're going to go ahead and make this a "semi-homemade" meal, therefore there is no real recipe, and it takes about five minutes to make.

All you need are these for things:
beef patty
fig butter

I could actually just stop there and let you figure it out for yourself, but because I am a wonderfully kind person, I'll help you out.

For the beef patty, I used good quality ground beef (when you don't have a bun, the quality of the meat really makes a difference) mixed in a little garlic powder and some chopped onion, then cooked it on the skillet. The patties are probably about three-four inches in diameter.
After the meat is cooked and still warm, spread the top with the chèvre, so that it softens with the heat of the burger. Next, top with a dollop of fig butter (I used Trader Joes) then wrap in a leaf of lettuce!
At the restaurant of which inspired this burger, they also top with arugula, but because I have it wrapped in lettuce, I find that to be too much leafy green stuff. 

Serve warm, and Enjoy!


For those of you who are in the Central Coast area, here you go.

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