Currently // November

(by the way, if you're wondering what fall in California looks like ^ clear blue skies.)

Watching: I have gotten really into music documenteries lately aka "rockumenteries." I prefer the ones that have more behind the seems junk, rather then showing a full concert with a few interviews thrown in. I don't need that. On Netflix: I really enjoyed the Switchfoot one, which is about their music/surfing tour and being a bunch of old guys now. Okay, I added that part myself, but still.
The Katy Perry movie was really swell as well, and heart wrenching for sure. That part, when her status is changing back to single and she's heartbroken and emotional, and then she plasters that fake smile on her face and goes on with it. I mean. :/
See also: Gilmore Girls.

Now that Halloweens over, I can dig out the Christmas cinema! Woohoo!

Reading: Hey, I finally finished Maze Runner! Waiting on the sequels to arrive.

Wearing: Sweaters, finally! It calls for trumpets and balloons. Really, my wardrobe is made up of one part cardigans, one part sweaters, and the third part everything else. No joke. California is not my kind of place.

"I hate the beach, but I stand in California with my toes in the sand."
(Sweater Weather, The Neighbourhood)

Eating: I wish I was stuffing my face with pizza at this very minute. But no, sadly. Have you tried the Eat Your Vegetable chips? They are back at our Costco again, and I still love them as much as I did last year.

Listening: Hozier, all the day long. I mentioned last time that I have been listening to this song non-stop for several months. The rest of the album is just as perfect. And ya know, T. Swift. 1989. Had to do it, It was worth it. (p.s. get the Target deluxe edition-those 3 extra songs are mighty fine.)

App-ing: I dunno.... nothing new. VSCO. Have I mentioned that before? Its my favorite picture editing app.

Craving: Peanut butter cups. Must....resist....

Drinking: I had my first mug of apple cider this season! woop-woop! The Trader Joe's Spiced Cider is pretty great stuff.

Googling: Trying to figure out this European exchange stuff. Why does America have to use everything differently then the rest of the world? Money, measurements, driving on the other side of the road... ahhh!

Coloring: Still into the rusts and burgundies of the world. And black, as always.

Shopping: Well, I mean I'm pretty poor. Trying real hard to not. But..... I just ordered some red apple lipstick. Have you tried it? It's all gluten and junk free, so we shall see how that goes. I've all of a sudden decided to become a lipstick person. Sometimes I just don't know about myself.

Playing: Practicing that ol' guitar, sharpening my air hockey skillz, and spider solitaire on zee iPhone.

Crafting: I successfully made several knit infinity scarves, which I will share very soon! Now I need a good Christmas craft, ideas?

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! How did that happen? Are you looking for any good gluten free dishes?

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  1. Lipstick? Taylor Swift is rubbing off on you...

    1. Maybe it will give me magical Taylor powers...