Caterpillars, a Beagle and a Party

Over Labor day. we had a surprise birthday party for my parents 60th. Technically speaking, my dad turned 60 last year-but between a wedding and a funeral last summer, a party just didn't happen for him. 
I did pretty much nothing for this party, except make cupcakes and take pretty poor quality photos.
Turns out when you are lightheaded and have blurry vision, your pictures may not come out completely in focus. Also no natural light in this building. oh well. 

My sister did the majority of the work, and made these awesome signs. (the party was a fifties diner theme)

All of the littles where trying really hard to suck something out of the straws, with no such luck. The original plan was to have a little something-something in the middle of the cupcake, but I had other things to do that day. Like have my closet collapse, and take my little flea-bag to the vet.
Speaking of the flea-bag:

Turns out she's allergic to fleas. Hence why the last two summers she loses half of her hair and is stuck in a cone of shame for weeks on end. She's on the mend now though, thanks for asking.
And as far as critters in the yard goes....

We had a boatload of monarch caterpillars in the garden last week. They ate through that milkweed and disappeared. Seriously, I cannot find a one anywhere. Maybe they ran away with the fleas. hashtag the bugs life movie.

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