Gluten free Chocolate Pancakes

I did something the other day, that I really shouldn't have.

I made cake, and tried to disguise it as a meal.

Then I put chocolate sauce and strawberries on top, and called it breakfast.

Although, if you wanna get all technical and stuff; I actually ate it for dinner.
Thats better isn't it?

But in seriousness, if you want some chocolate cake, but don't want to wait for it to cook forever.
Or if you want a super special breakfast, 
these pancakes are for you.
Go make them, right now.

Here's the recipe, so you can :)



  1. Funny thing - as I was making pancakes the other day with my Pamela's mix, I realized I really wanted chocolate pancakes. I remembered today while jumping around blogs, so I searched on Pinterest. Your picture looks amazing, so I wanted to see if I could work what you have into the recipe on Pamela's bag. Imagine my surprise when I discovered you use it too! Not only that, you use almond milk too! It's a match made in heaven :)
    I do have a question though: have you tried freezing these? I like to make a double batch of pancakes and freeze them, because I'm not a morning person AT ALL, so having something pre-cooked that I can pop in the toaster/microwave is a must.
    Idea to make these even more awesome: homemade strawberry syrup. I made some a couple days ago (first time ever) and it's amazing. Plus, the strawberries that didn't completely break down were strained and became strawberry jam!

    Okay, I babbled enough. Definitely inspired by this recipe!

    1. Awww, I love it when things work out like that! I haven't tried freezing these exact pancakes, as they made it into tummies way too quickly ;) but I freeze extra pancakes/waffles all the time to have on hand later. I am not a morning person either, by any means, so breakfast for dinner happens over checking out my blog!! I enjoyed your babbling :)