Gluten Free Mississippi Mud Cake

About two weeks ago, my mother made a treat. 
It was a treat full of chocolate and marshmallows, all bundled together underneath some scrumptious frosting. These treats had me salivating for days, just looking at them. But these little bars of happiness were not meant for me, and that was proved by the amount of gluten and dairy they possessed.
Days later, I was still thinking about them, and how much they needed to be mine. But being off of sugar once again, I had to keep pushing off my craving. 
Until now.

Then, the other day a treat had to be made for a church function. I knew I had to make a gluten free and dairy free version of this cake.

I made these cakes in my little (4inch) spring-form pans, but the recipe is for a batch the size of a 9x13 pan, and it gets served as bars.

I warn you though, these little cakes are very dangerous. You will not be able to stop. 
Every single bite, is a little piece of heaven. A pillowy cloud of cake and marshmallows, with a frosting so delectable it hurts. The whole thing just melts away in your mouth, and brings pure bliss.
Its my new favorite thing ever.

Where has this been all my life? Seriously.

(the answer: in the infamous family cookbook. Who knew?)

I am not sure why its called a Mississippi Mud cake, all I know is that I have to sing the M-i-ss, i-ss. i-pp-i song when I am spelling Mississippi.
I suppose it has that name because its sort of a rocky road cake of sorts. Nuts, chocolate, marshmallows. Thats a rocky road, and thats my best guess.

Without further ado, 
Heres the recipe:


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  1. Gluten-ous is safer cause then we won't eat it...and eat it....and eat it! ')