Dairy Free Irish Colcannon // Food for St. Patricks Day

We are already a third of the way into March. How did that happen?! Sheesh.
The day for Saint Patrick is fast approaching, and a Irish feast must be held!
I have shared the main dish, an appetizer, and today a side.

The side I bring to the table, is Colcannon. Made gluten and dairy free, of course! Colcannon is a traditional Irish dish, made out of potatoes and cabbage. It is very similar to the Dutch dish we frequently have over here, Stamppot.

Along with potatoes and cabbage, you can add any other vegetables in that you'd like. For stamppot, we traditionally use carrots and onions--but we're being Irish this week, not Dutch.

So this dish, I used green cabbage, kale (kale is actually a cabbage, did you know that?) and green onions. All green veggies for the day of green. I was also going to put leeks in the mix, but after an unsuccessful trip to TJs, and an equally disappointing shop at another grocery store, I decided to omit them. Apparently leeks are not a hot commodity around here. Better move to Ireland.

My other TJ, of the Maxx variety did not disappoint though. Did you notice me new little pot? Adorbs, right? and only three smackeroos. Happy early Birthday to me, from myself.

Heres the recipe for you fine folks:



  1. I LOVE the blue pot!

  2. omigosh! forget the non-dairy! use half a stick of REAL butter! (it's good for you) love, love, love! easy peasy comfort food.

    1. I would use like two whole sticks of real butter, if I could!! Unfortunately, the side effects of the dairy are not worth the deliciousness ;)